ABOUT FARA'S Super Lap Series

Representing the FARA Academy’s cream of the crop, designed for veteran HPDE drivers with no less than 30+ track days.

The Super Lap Series is the pinnacle of FARA's HPDE offerings, and it’s our unique take on the popular Time Trials or Time Attack competitions, tailored for seasoned drivers aiming for an entry to competition without the extensive costs associated with building a dedicated track vehicle. The series is exclusive to modified street cars—vehicles that drivers might use to commute to and from the track, enhanced with track-focused modifications such as coilovers, camber plates, 200 treadwear tires, and bucket seats, yet retaining most of the interior.

The Super Lap Series features podium ceremonies throughout each FARA event weekend, and points are assessed for EACH day of competition. At the end of each season, during the FARA Championships, a final SLS podium will aggregate points and honor the year's top performers from each Super Lap Series class.

Our easy-to-understand rules won’t leave you scratching your head. Simply complete the Class Calculator below, find your class, and start competing!


To be eligible to compete in the Super Lap Series, your car must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Mass-produced (at least 10K units)

  • Street-legal, and has state registration plates attached

  • Is not open-wheel


SL4 = 5 max points

SL3 = 6-9 points

SL2 = 10-14 points

SL1 = 15+ points



Our Class Calculator makes it easy for you to quickly find out which class your car falls into. Simply choose the appropriate response to each dropdown and see the results at the bottom.


Perhaps you're not the fastest driver in your class. OK, but do you have the most consistent lap times? If so, you will be rewarded for that consistency!

Seamlessly blending with FARA's Super Lap Series, the Delta Cup shifts the focus from merely achieving the fastest lap to rewarding driver consistency. The lower your lap variable (the DELTA) between your fastest laps, the better! This competition is automatically open to all participants across the four Super Lap Series classes during every event, celebrating the most consistent performers in the series. Entry into the Delta Cup requires no additional steps; competitors are enrolled automatically based on their participation in any SLS class.

Mirroring the structure of the Super Lap Series, the Delta Cup features podium ceremonies throughout each FARA event weekend, and points are assessed for EACH day of competition. At the end of each season, during the FARA Championships, a final Delta Cup podium will aggregate and honor the year's most consistent performances from across all Super Lap Series rounds.

Designed to enrich the competitive landscape for FARA Academy drivers, the Delta Cup ensures a level playing field, with zero barriers to entry. The SLS Delta Cup is open to all street-legal vehicles, focusing solely on consistency. 

Participation in both the Delta Cup and the entire Super Lap Series hinges on a single requirement: a transponder. For those without one, FARA provides rental options at the track, ensuring all competitors have the chance to compete and vie for prizes.


Important Series Information & Things You’ll Need:

  • You will need a TR2 Transponder with an active subscription. You can purchase one here.

  • All cars in SLS MUST be street-legal and have state registration plates attached.
  • Every car competing in SLS must have the appropriate class designation displayed on both sides of the car. This can be the fenders or the rear quarter panel window. We are providing all drivers participating in SLS in 2024 a FREE set of official FARA SLS decals, as a way to say "Thank you".  You are allowed to run your own.  You can also purchase additional FARA SLS Class decals at the track. 

  • You do not need to be pre-licensed to register for the FARA Super Lap Series, but you DO need to be an approved Advanced Solo driver with FARA. 

  • Drivers who already hold an active and valid TT or Competition License from another sanctioning body will be automatically approved for entry into SLS.

  • Drivers new to FARA’s Super Lap Series can register for an event on a provisional basis, but may be required to go through an evaluation process.

  • All HPDE & helmet requirements still apply to SLS.

  • You will need to fill out the SLS Class Calculator below, print it out, and bring it with you to the event, to be presented at tech inspection.

  • SLS drivers are not allowed to have passengers.

The SLS Rules will be posted soon in their entirety. The series was created for HPDE drivers to have a way to compete. To that end, the series is purely for fun and any changes or updates to the rules or classifications, including DQs, are at the sole discretion of the SLS Director, as long as these changes are made within the spirit of fair competition. All protests should be handled by the SLS director. If an unbiased resolution is not possible, the protest will be handled by the Academy Director.


Reach out to Carlos A. Espitia or one of the Academy Team members