Upcoming FARA HPDE Academy Event


Sebring International Raceway

May 25 & 26, 2024


Sebring International

Registration opens Wednesday, April 17, 2024



FARA heads to Sebring for our first stand-alone event there! We will follow our typical HPDE weekend format.  Featuring run groups for: Beginner Drivers with Instructor, Novice Solo Drivers, Intermediate, and Advanced Solo drivers.  Sunday will be exclusive to Intermediate, Advanced, and Super Lap drivers only.

Friday Evening Track Walk!

We are excited to offer a FREE track walk at Sebring Raceway Friday night, starting around 6:35 pm. Come experience the nuances of the track and see things you've probably never seen before at Sebring.

Advanced Driving Classes

Looking to shave a couple of seconds of your laps? Do not miss our FREE advanced driving class on Saturday, presented by pro driver David Tuaty. Many attendees reported 1-2 seconds improvement during our last event!


PLEASE ONLY REGISTER FOR THE APPROPRIATE RUN GROUP ACCORDING TO YOUR EXPERIENCE. If we determine that your pace or driving is not up to par for a given run group, you may be asked to drop down to another run group, or you may not be able to go out again that day. You will not receive a refund if that occurs.

Not sure what group you should be in? See the Driver Classification tab below, or Go here to find out.

Download and fill out your Tech Inspection sheet. (SLS & Instructors self-tech). SLS drivers please bring a print out of the SLS calculator with your car's inputs.


  • Beginner (Green Group) w/Instructor: 10 Available (Saturday Only).
  • Novice Solo (Yellow Group): 10 Available (Saturday Only).
  • Instructors: 12 Available.
  • Intermediate (Blue Group): 15 Available Saturday. 25 Available Sunday.
  • Advanced (Red Group): 15 Available Saturday. 25 Available Sunday.
  • SLS (Black Group): Available Saturday & Sunday.
  • Garages: *We will reserve garages on a first-to-register basis. We should have enough garages for all academy drivers, however, garages are NOT guaranteed.
Essential Information
  • (4) 25-minute sessions per day.
  • 1-Day entry fee: $375 (+$75 instructor fee for Beginners)
  • 2-Day entry fee: $600
  • Instructors: Saturday $0. Sunday fee: $175 (applies only to instructors who worked with a student on Sat). Instructors will not be assigned a student on Sunday.
  • Co-Driver/Car Sharing: $100/day (see details below).
  • Garages are free but will be assigned and reserved on a first-to-register basis until they run out. Sign up early.
  • Passengers: ONLY allowed in the Blue group. Passenger wrist bands are $20. However, any registered driver can ride as a passenger with another registered driver at no cost. We do expect drivers carrying passengers to drive well below their limit. No more than 7/10s.
  • Sebring/HMS/NASCAR POLICY! Scooters, electric skateboards & golf carts, etc. are no longer allowed on NASCAR properties. Track officials will be actively policing this new policy. Violations may result in removal from the property.
  • Absolutely NO DRONES allowed to be flown on property. Violations may result in removal from the property.

    • Saturday: Yes, we are running Novice with Intermediate at the same time. This is how we will manage it: From grid, we will release the Blue group first, followed by Yellow, and finally Green. Sebring is nearly 4 miles long, which should give everyone plenty of room. Passing will be straights only with a point-by. Get to grid early so you're not stuck in traffic.
      Sunday: Blue group will have its own run group. Red and SLS will be in a run group together.
Driver Classification
Beginner Driver: has 0-4 HPDE track days. An in-car instructor is required for all Beginner drivers. Point-bys are mandatory. Passing on the straights only.
Novice Solo: has 5-10 HPDE track days. Is comfortable in slower traffic and without an instructor. Shares the track with Beginner drivers. Point-bys are mandatory. Passing on the straights only.
Intermediate Solo: has 11-25 HPDE track days, and is comfortable in traffic. Passing is allowed anywhere on the track but Point-bys are still mandatory.
Advanced Solo: has 25+ HPDE or race days , and is comfortable passing anywhere on the track without a point-by. Point-bys are not required but they are encouraged in the red group.
What to Bring
  • You MUST have a Snell certified SA2015 helmet or newer. M helmets (motorcycle) will not be allowed. Helmets will not be provided at the track.
  • A track-worthy vehicle with newer tires and brakes (no less than 50% tread or pad compound left). A brake flush and high-temp brake fluid is highly advisable.
  • Your tech sheet filled out.
  • Bring plenty of water!
    Track Gates & Garages
    Track Gates
    Track gates will be open starting at 5 pm on Friday thru 7pm on Sunday. Paddock access on FRIDAY will be for the purpose of trailer drops and set-up only.
    Garages are Reserved
    Parking/unloading is allowed in the paddock and in your assigned garage starting at 5pm on Friday. Garages are RESERVED for registered drivers only and on a first-to-register basis. Please look for the garage assignments for HPDE drivers. DO NOT park in any garage not reserved for you.
    • You MUST have your car teched prior to going on the track.
    • Tech will be open on Friday from 5:20pm – 6:30 pm. Saturday from 7am to 8:25 am, and Sunday from 6:40 am to 7:20 am.
    Locations - Where to Go
    • FARA HPDE Drivers’ Meeting: TBD - Look for Event Briefing email a few days prior to the event.
    • HPDE Driver registration/check-in: TBD - Look for Event Briefing email a few days prior to the event.
    • HPDE Driver Info: TBD
    • HPDE (pre-grid): (to line up before going on track) on the east end of the paddock area.
    Car Numbers, Co-Drivers, & Convertibles
    Car Numbers
    Car numbers will be assigned to you if you don't already have them, and vinyl number decals will be handed at the track (unless you already have a car number displayed).
    Co-Drivers/Car Sharing
    • Co-drivers are welcome to sharing a car in the same Solo run groups.
    • A co-driver can be added to any primary Solo registration for an additional $100/day.
    • Please note: 2 drivers in 2 different run groups requires 2 primary registrations.
    • Convertibles are welcome as long as they have factory pop-up roll-over protection, or a roll bar.
    • An additional waiver may be applicable.




    FARA HPDE: Full refund will be given with at least a 3-week written notice prior to the start of the event. A full credit may be given with at least 1-2 weeks written notice. Cancellations within 7 days of the event will not receive a credit or refund. Credit will be good for a period of one year from the date of cancellation and can be used towards another FARA HPDE event only - no exceptions. There are no partial credits for broken down cars and missed days that occur over the weekend under any circumstance - no exceptions.

    For any additional questions please contact the FARA HPDE Director; Carlos A. Espitia at carlos@farausa.com


    Reach out to Carlos A. Espitia or one of the Academy Team members