“MP” Classes are defined as Modified Production. All vehicles must appear stock, however bodies can include Fiberglass, Kevlar, or Carbon Fiber.

  1. Racing Fuel Only (NO NITROUS OXIDE).
  2. Frame can be tubular or semi-tubular.
  3. Car and engine must be from the same manufacture.
  4. Engine can be mounted in any position (front, mid or rear).
  5. Car must contain a roll-cage.
  6. Car must include a fire extinguisher.
  7. Sequential transmission approved


  • Pro Spec Miata: Pro Spec Miata class rules follow the SM series and have been set by NASA and the SCCA GCR.  View Pro Spec Miata Cup Announcement.
  • FF-A: Formula Atlantic, Formula Mazda, Formula 3 & Indy Lights
  • FF-B: Formula 4, Formula BMW, Formula 2000, Formula Renault & Formula 1000 (Motorcycle engine)
  • FF-I: Formula Inter: A World-class driver development program partnered with FARA USA. Visit Formula-Inter.com for additional details and class information.
  • FP-1: All V8/V6 Prototype naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged.
  • FP-2: All Prototype four-cylinder; naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged.
  • FP-3: All Prototype with four-cylinder motorcycle engines; naturally aspirated.
  • MP-1A: Cars with 4-stroke engines larger than 3.8 liters, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged/supercharged are welcome as well as naturally-aspirated 4-rotor rotary engines and turbocharged/supercharged 3-rotor engines. Porsche 4.0 liters, Ferrari 458, Ginetta G55 V8 and all GT3. Full tubular or semi-tubular frames permitted.
  • MP-1B: Cars with engines larger than 3.6 liters, naturally aspirated only. No full tube frames allowed except: V8 stock cars (GT2) running 15” X 10” wheels with no wing, and TA-2 Trans Am spec and Ginetta G50 V8 with no overhead cams.
  • MP-2A: Cars with engines from 3.4 liters up to 3.6 liters, rotary engines with 3-rotor normally aspirated engines, 2.5 liters turbocharged/supercharged, KTM X-BOW monocoque chassis, Ginetta G55 V6 full-tube frame permitted and all GT4 spec permitted. (SCCA T1)
  • MP-2B: Cars with naturally aspirated engines from 2.9 liters up to 3.4 liters, and cars with turbocharged/supercharged engines up to 2.0 liters including 13B rotary turbos, and BMW's with S54 engines. (SCCA T2)
  • MP-3A: Cars with 4 and 6 cylinders only, eligible cars: 1995-99 BMW E36 M3, Honda V6, Porsche 911-914 air cooled up to 3.2 liters, Mustang V6, Camaro V6, Dodge V6, Audi A4, Porsche 944 3.0 liters, VW Gti 1.8 turbo, Nissan and Supra, 13B normally aspirated Rotary engines. Tubular frame permitted. (SCCA T3)
  • MP-3B: Cars with engines from 1.95 liters up to 2.9 liters, Rotary 13B naturally aspirated engines. Also includes turbocharged/supercharged 12A Rotary engines.
  • MP-4A: Cars with engines from 1.6 liters up to 1.94 liters Open Class (Excluding K20). Includes Miata 1.8 liters (no restrictor plate.)
  • MP-4B: Cars with engines up to 1.6 liters, normally aspirated, Miata 1.8 liters (SCCA legal size restricted plate required, no headers no intake), Honda 1.6 liters V-Tech and non V-Tech single overhead cam, Honda 1.6 liters twin-cam non V-Tech, no headers, no intake. VW 8-valve 1.8 liters (factory compression), VW Rabbit 1.6 liter naturally aspirated.
  • MP-4C: Honda Wars Budget-Minded Racing Full Class Rules available at HondaWars.com


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