FARA (Formula Automotive Racing Association) is thrilled to introduce our new cutting-edge HPDE Academy, a premier destination for enthusiasts and aspiring racers alike, seeking to master the art of high-speed driving in their own cars.

HPDE stands for “High Performance Driver’s Education”, sometimes also referred to as “Track Days” or DE (Driver’s Education). Drivers can participate in our HPDE events by driving their own high-performance car on world-famous race tracks without any prior track knowledge nor a racing license.

Based in the vibrant racing circuits of Florida, including the iconic Sebring Raceway, Homestead-Miami Speedway, and the prestigious Daytona Speedway, our HPDE academy is designed to offer an unparalleled learning experience. Our HPDE program is meticulously crafted for drivers of all skill levels, from novices eager to learn the basics of track driving to experienced racers aiming to refine their skills and advance their careers.

At FARA, we are dedicated to creating an environment that is not only fun and exciting but also supremely safe. Our mission is to foster the development of our drivers, guiding them through the ranks of the HPDE driver program, from their first lap as a novice to crossing the finish line as a seasoned racer. Join us at FARA's HPDE Academy, where passion meets precision, and discover the thrill of racing with the best in the field.

HPDE events focus on driver education, not racing. Aggressive or unsafe behavior during Academy sessions is strictly prohibited. Participants engaging in such conduct risk losing track time or, in more severe cases, being expelled from the event.


FARA's HPDE Academy instructors are the backbone of our unparalleled driver development program. Boasting years of hands-on HPDE & racing experience, each instructor brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success.

They are not only seasoned veterans of the circuit but are also MSF (Motorsport Safety Foundation) Level 2 certified, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and educational excellence.

Their expertise is matched only by their passion for motorsport and commitment to nurturing the next generation of drivers & racing talent.

Our instructors are dedicated to helping each student achieve their full potential on the track, ensuring that every lap is a step towards becoming a more skilled, confident, and competitive driver or racer.

If you're interested in being an Academy instructor for FARA, please go here to view our criteria, and to apply.


At FARA's HPDE Academy, advancing to a faster run group is a mark of distinction, reflecting not just skill but also a deep understanding of safety and traffic awareness. Our criteria for progression are deliberately  stringent, ensuring that every driver feels fully prepared and secure within their current group, fostering a sense of achievement and readiness when they do advance.

Our intermediate and advanced run groups are home to exceptionally fast and traffic-savvy drivers, setting a high bar for entry. This rigorous standard allows us to dedicate significant time and resources to our novice drivers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the track confidently and safely.

It's a deliberate cultivation of talent and responsibility, designed to prepare each driver thoroughly before they transition to the higher-speed dynamics of the faster run groups, ensuring they are fully ready to take on the challenge without an instructor by their side.

Beginner w/Instructor

Green Group 0-4 track days
Passing with Point-By and Only on Straights

The Green Group serves as the entry point for new drivers to the track, offering a foundational understanding of track driving. Classroom sessions cover essential topics such as flag meanings, track protocol, car positioning, and the "rules of the track". Beginner drivers are paired with certified FARA instructors who provide in-car guidance throughout the day. This group maintains a slower pace, with passing only allowed on straight aways and with a point-by, allowing drivers to focus on learning the race track layout and mastering car control.

Novice Solo

Yellow Group 5-10 track days
Passing with Point-By and Only on Straights

The Yellow Group is the next step after the Beginner Green Group. Advancement to this group signifies a driver's consistent performance and safe navigation of the track as a solo driver, marking an increase in speed and skill beyond the beginner level. Typically, the Yellow Group shares track time with the Green Group. This deliberate pairing is designed to gradually acclimate drivers to independent driving, testing their patience and encouraging courteous interaction with the slower-paced beginner drivers.

Intermediate Solo

Blue Group 11-25 track days
Passing with Point-By Anywhere on Track

The Blue Group signifies a significant shift to intermediate level, featuring drivers skilled in traffic navigation and seamless point-bys anywhere on the track. Distinguished from the Yellow Group by faster speeds and quicker point-by execution, members of the Blue Group must indicate overtakes early to prevent deceleration. This group embodies high skill, courtesy, and safety, showcasing exceptional track comfort and competence.

Advanced Solo

Red Group 25+ track days
Unrestricted Passing

The Red Group caters to advanced drivers, including track veterans, instructors, and racers, with 25+ track days or racing experience. Often running alongside the SLS Black Group, the Red Group enjoys unrestricted passing (no point-bys), executed anywhere on the race track. This arrangement underscores the group's high level of proficiency and flexibility, accommodating the needs of the most experienced participants in a setting that prioritizes safety and skill enhancement.

Super Lap Series

Black Group 30+ track days
Unrestricted Passing

Representing the FARA Academy’s cream of the crop, designed for veteran HPDE drivers with years of track experience. The Super Lap Series is the pinnacle of FARA's HPDE offerings, and it’s our unique take on the popular Time Trials or Time Attack competitions, tailored for seasoned drivers aiming for an entry to competition without the extensive costs associated with building a dedicated track vehicle. The series is exclusive to modified street cars—vehicles that drivers might use for daily commutes, enhanced with track-focused modifications such as coilovers, camber plates, 200 treadwear tires, and bucket seats, yet retaining the full interior.

It's an opportunity for these competitors to vie for contingency prizes, awards, and trophies, offering a rewarding conclusion to the investment of time, effort, and resources into their passion for racing. The Black & Red groups are the only groups in the Academy that allow unrestricted passing with no point-by required anywhere on the track. Heavily modified cars or dedicated race cars are not eligible to compete in the Super Lap Series.

Find more details about the Super Lap Series & eligibility here. 


The FARA Academy team stands at the heart of our commitment to safety, efficiency, and the seamless execution of events.

This dedicated group of professionals is responsible for orchestrating every aspect of our track days, from meticulous planning to on-the-day operations. Their expertise ensures that each event not only adheres to the highest standards of safety but also unfolds smoothly and according to schedule. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for motorsport, the FARA Academy team works tirelessly behind the scenes, guaranteeing that drivers can focus on what they love most - tracking their cars.

Carlos A. Espitia

Academy Director

Carlos has been involved in HPDE, tracking, and racing since 2008. He has gone through instructor school with PBOC & NASA, holds the MSF Level 2 instructor certification, and is also a senior instructor for Chin’s Instructor School. He currently holds the “unofficial” TT4 track record at Homestead Speedway in his BMW E92 M3.

Jorge Reategui

Event Manager

Jorge got his start in HPDE events in 2007 and has driven more than 10 different tracks, including the Nürburgring. He participates and instructs for all the clubs in Florida, and holds an MSF Level 2 instructor certification. He was also the First place winner at the AMG Academy at the Concours Club in 2022.

Mike Moore

Chief Instructor

Mike has been participating in HPDE events since 2013, and instructing since 2015. He has hundreds of track days instructing for Chin, PBOC, PCA, PDG and HOD, performs check-rides and teaches in the classroom. Mike holds the MSF Level 2 instructor certification, and is also a senior instructor for Chin’s Instructor School.

David Schnoerr

Chief Instructor

David has over 20 years of tracking experience, he is an MSF Level 2 Certified Instructor, and approved by PCA, BMWCCA, PBOC, and Chin. He has won and participated in BMWCCA and PBOC Time Trials, and spent 4 years in a regional race series. Dave is also a 2-time SCCA Solo II National Champion, and has placed in 13 National Solo II events.

Rohan Ramgopaul

Academy Registrar

Rohan has been tracking his cars for over 10 years, holds the MSF Level 2 instructor certification through Chin. Rohan built FARA’s custom registration portal and handles registrations for HPDE drivers and racers at FARA’s events. He also holds the esteemed title of “Most Likely to Take You Out” in an iRacing League.


Reach out to Carlos A. Espitia or one of the Academy Team members