The new team managing FARA USA has new racing in store for 2024!

FARA has been successfully racing high performance cars for the past 16 years, racing mostly exotics and open wheels. David Tuaty and Jose De Las Casas, who took over operations in late 2022, have been working diligently to expand the racing options available through the FARA events held throughout the year.

In 2023, the new management brought all new excitement surrounding each and every race weekend. Capitalizing on this success, the think-tank came up with a money race.  We are now announcing the exciting new series to FARA USA, Pro Spec Miata.


This exciting new racing series will run their own run group for the entirety of FARA's 2024 schedule. All races will be streamed live and announced by the one and only Greg Creamer and friends providing professional commentary for each race. 

This series will have over 15K in cash prizes and Contingency awards each weekend.


To live out every racer's dream: racing with a live video stream so loved ones can watch, be interviewed as a race winner, or win a feature money race. We are offering the possibility to be recognized for accomplishments in one of the most difficult series in all of racing.


The three main goals for this six-race series are simple, as are the rules which will be followed to the letter.

  1. A Pro Spec Miata rule set is that of the current SM series and has been set by NASA and the SCCA GCR. If it says you can't do it, don't. Please bring a compliant SM, if you are found to be non-compliant, you will not be invited back.
  2. The competitor has a choice of tire, either the Toyo (RS1), Hankook (Z214), or Hoosier (SM7.5) tire. These will be the only compliant tires per weekend to qualify for cash prizes and Mazda Motorsports Contingency Awards. The matching rain tire will be required.
  3. Each vehicle entered must have a working data acquisition system and camera in the car. Traqmate, AIM or Motec is acceptable. If some other data acquisition is used, please contact FARA prior to the event to discuss.
  4. All SCCA and NASA licenses qualify to purchase a FARA license.

All video and data must be surrendered if requested by an official. The only reason would be for compliance or an incident. If a competitor does not comply, it will be discussed by the officials with possible disqualification.

That's Pro Spec Miata, and that's what the new FARA USA is all about!


We will be using the following points system:

Points are awarded for both the qualifying race and the feature Race.

With a total of 12 races in 2024. Your top 8 results with be your total score.

Points Breakdown:

  • 1st: 25pts
  • 2nd: 23pts
  • 3rd: 21pts
  • 4th: 19pts
  • 5th: 17pts
  • 6th: 15pts
  • 7th: 13pts
  • 8th: 11pts
  • 9th: 9pts
  • 10th: 7pts
  • Pole Position: 1pt
  • Fastest Lap in Feature Race: 1pt


Race Purse:

  • 1st place - $2,000.00
  • 2nd place - $1,000.00
  • 3rd thru 5th - $500.00
  • Random winners will get $400 (must attend podium celebration, number of winners depends on entries)

Mazda Motorsports Contingency Awards:

In addition, Mazda Motorsports Contingency Awards will also be handed out to both the qualifying race and the feature race:

  • 1st: $650.00
  • 2nd: $425.00
  • 3rd: $225.00
  • 4th: $150.00
  • 5th: $125.00

Eligibility requirements may be found in the Mazda 2023 Contingency Awards Program documentation. Note: You must have a Mazda Team Support membership to qualify.

Additionally, in order to qualify for these contingency awards, you must return the following forms via email to

Headquarter Mazda Contingency Awards:


Headquarter Mazda will also be coming on board for Pro Spec Miata and will be awarding over $3,000.00 to the race winners.

Hankook Contingency Awards:

Hankook Tires will also be handing out the following Hankook Contingency Awards:

  • 205/50-15 Z214 Dry Tire & 200/580R15 Z207 Wet Tire
  • Price: - $249.75 for 205/50-15 Z214 Dry & $360.00 for 200/580R15 Wet
  • Hankook to offer contingency awards as per the table below
  • Contingency awards to be issued as tires or a credit towards tires. No cash value
  • All competitors must be on Hankook tires for Starter Counts and Contingency Awards to apply

2023 Debut

Race of Champions
Pro Spec Miata Debut

Pro Spec Miata Debut Race Results

Full race results are available in PDF from the below links:

Qualifying Race Results

View Qualifying Results

Feature Race Results

View Feature Race Results


Reach out to the FARA USA team for answers to your Race, Sponsorship, and Media inquires.