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Homestead-Miami Speedway

Sunday, August 11, 2024

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FARA Comp School (Sunday Only): $695
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Homestead Speedway
Road Course

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The FARA Competition School is designed for aspiring racers looking to transition from High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) to full-blown competitive racing. The FARA comp school is a comprehensive 1-day racing program crafted for drivers with significant track driving experience. This challenging and rewarding course prepares participants for safe racing by introducing real-world racing scenarios they will likely encounter on the race track.



The program is specifically designed for advanced drivers who are already comfortable in traffic, driving side-by-side through corners, and passing without a point-by. The program is not designed for intermediate HPDE drivers, as it requires drivers to already be comfortable driving side-by-side through corners in open passing scenarios. These are skills that are learned in advanced groups, not in racing school.

  • Experience: Drivers with some racing experience, or HPDE 4 / advanced driver group participants certified by a major club in the Southeast US.
  • Attire: While a full race suit is not mandatory, drivers must wear long pants. A short-sleeve shirt is OK. These should be made of fire-retardant material for added safety.

  • Vehicle: A race-prepped car is not required. Most street cars are suitable for the drills and training sessions. There is no necessity for a roll cage; however, cars must be in good working condition, track-worthy, and pass tech inspection.
  • Helmet: A current Snell certified helmet (no older than 2015) is mandatory. 

  • Physical Fitness: Drivers must be in decent physical shape to quickly exit the vehicle from both the driver and passenger sides. This agility is crucial for safety drills and emergency scenarios. 

  • Medical Waiver: TBD



Our competition school offers a blend of on-track drills and classroom sessions, ensuring you gain practical and theoretical knowledge essential for competitive racing. Below is a synopsis of the curriculum highlights:

On-Track Drills:

  • Half Track Drills: Drive on designated halves of the track, focusing on speed and consistent proximity to the track edges.
    • Drill #1 Left Side Only: Navigate only the left half of the track.
    • Drill #2 Right Side Only: Navigate only the right half of the track.
  • Side-by-Side Drills: Practice driving side by side with a partner to get comfortable with close-proximity racing scenarios.
    • Drill #3 Side-by-Side, Open Passing: Drive paired up, switch sides halfway through.
    • Drill #4 Leapfrog Passing: Practice overtaking in designated corners, alternating positions each lap.
  • Close Quarters Drills: Hone your ability to race closely with other cars, focusing on precise maneuvers and safe passing.
    • Drill #5 Mock Race, Standing Start: Execute a race start and practice maintaining close proximity.
    • Drill #6 Rolling Start: Stay within 10 feet of your partner, passing frequently in all corners.
    • Drill #7 Closer Quarters: Reduce the gap to 5 feet, with increased passing frequency.

Classroom and Evaluation:

  • Emergency Exit Test: Timed exit from the vehicle to ensure safety readiness.
  • Written Test & Discussion: Assess your understanding of racing principles and strategies.
  • All Hands Meeting & Racer Meeting: Final preparation and distribution of race wristbands and provisional licenses.

Achieving Your Competition License:

  • Participate in 4 clean races starting from the back of the pack.
  • Obtain signatures from the Race Director for each race.
  • Convert your provisional to a full Competition License after successful completion.


  • Widely accepted Competition License recognized by all major "club" racing organizations.
  • Learn advanced racing techniques and strategies.
  • Gain confidence in handling high-speed, close-proximity scenarios.
  • Receive expert instruction and feedback.

Join us at the FARA Competition School and take your first step towards becoming a safe racer. Embrace the challenge, elevate your skills, and race your way to the top!


At the FARA Competition School, our instructors are seasoned racing professionals committed to the safety and education of all participants. With extensive experience and a passion for teaching, they provide invaluable insights and personalized coaching to help drivers enhance their skills.

FARA is dedicated to fostering a safe and supportive environment, ensuring that every racer is well-prepared and confident on the track. Our goal is to help you become a better, safer, and more competitive racer.


  •  Our lead instructor for the FARA Competition School is Luiggi Farro, a 15-year racing veteran with extensive experience in instructing, coaching, and racing. Luiggi's vast knowledge and passion for motorsport make him an exceptional mentor for aspiring racers. His hands-on approach and dedication to driver development ensure that each participant receives personalized guidance and valuable insights, preparing them for the competitive world of racing.


Reach out to Carlos A. Espitia or one of the Academy Team members